Brandt Peters + Kathie Olivas、最近の話題。
4月2日からLAのGallery1988で開催中のKathie OlivasBrandt Petersの二人展LIVING BETWEEN WORLDSも千秋楽を数日後に控え、やっと落ち着いた感じでしょうか、ひさしぶりにブラントからメールが送られてきました。

1. ブラント・ピータースのコンセプト画をもっと見たいです。
>LAのGallery1988かNYのOpera Galleryで作品をご覧いただけます。両方のギャラリーがいま現在、私の作品を持っています。
2. 3.25.09とありますが、1年前にデザインされたのでしょうか。
3. メッセージを読ませていただき、ブラント・ピータースが作り上げるキャラクターに何かしらの“魔力”を感じる理由が少し分かったような気がします。
4. ブラント・ピータースとキャシーオリヴァスによる留之助限定トイに期待します。
Brandt Peters + Kathie Olivas、最近の話題。_a0077842_14183742.jpg
こちらの作品はLIVING BETWEEN WORLDS展に出品された高さ3フィート(92センチ)の大作"Elizabeth Series: Blue Bear Hood"で、店主が購入させていただきました。

1. I like to see more of the concept painting for Brandt Peters.
You can see my work at the new Gallery 1988 show in Los angeles as well as work at Opera Gallery in New York. Both galleries currently have work from me.
2. So beautiful art works. I want to see more.
Thank you -- I am very humbled by your response... My toyu company is releasing many figures at San Diego ComiCon as well as DragonCon in Atlanta Georgia. Kathie and I also have a show at Yves Laroche Galerie in Montreal Quebec at the end of October with Travis Louie and Chet Zar.
3.There is description of 3.25.09. Is it designed in a year ago?
Yes, toy designs traditionally take about a year to produce due to the factory already having many projects in their pipeline or schedule. So by the time a toy releases on a toy store shelf it very well may be a year old.
4. When I have read the message, I have felt that I understand the reason why I have been attracted by a kind of "charm" of the character made by Brandt Peters.
5. We expect the Tomenosuke exclusive toy with Brandt Peters & Kathie Olivas!
We are working close to Shinji on this project and we will be releasing that information shortly -- our company is ramping up for many toy releases including Tomenosuke releases and Kathie and I are beyond excited to finally be able to bring our creations to Japan and through such a cool toy store!
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