Art Dabutsu Tomenosuke Exclusive - Midnight Sale
Art Dabutsu Tomenosuke Exclusive - Midnight Sale_a0077842_21104126.jpg
Three years ago, I just began to keep in touch with Erick Scarecrow.
I liked Liberty so much that I emailed him that I was really interested in what would be like if Erick designed a great statue of Buddha (Daibutsu) in Japan.
That was a good chance to start Art Daibutsu.
In the meantime, the design of Daibutsu had changed, so Daibutsu stood at times and sat at other times, and also changed its belongings and hairdo.
Last July, Erick visited Japan and was moved to see Kago-Daibutsu, one of the three Japanese great statues of Buddha, in Gifu City.
At last, he made a resin figure of Art Daibutsu.
I am honored to introduce this Art Daibutsu to you on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of Tomenosuke-syoten.

It will go on sale at midnight on September 25 (Sat).
The price is 17,850 Japanese yen. And EMS shipping cost 2,500-4,500 Japanese yen will be added.
If you live outside Japan, please use English Order Form on the linked page to order it.

by tomenosuke_2006 | 2010-09-24 22:04 | MIDNIGHT SALE
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