Saint Valentine's Day PM2:00 JST on Sale.
As a joint project of Tomenosuke-syoten and Lady Aiko, a Japanese artist residing in New York, the art figures are now completed.
The figures are the complete three-dimentional version of Aiko's original artwork, Lady Butterfly.
The entire production process, including the package manufacturing, was conducted around the famous art and craft city Hida Takayama, where Tomenosuke-syoten is located.
In late January, Aiko came all the way from New York to visit the production site and did the final finish of Silver version, which will be on sale on the Valentine's Day.
Orders are taken at the following website.→
Saint Valentine\'s Day PM2:00 JST on Sale._a0077842_1456371.jpg

Saint Valentine\'s Day PM2:00 JST on Sale._a0077842_15213174.jpg
Saint Valentine\'s Day PM2:00 JST on Sale._a0077842_15233386.jpg
Saint Valentine\'s Day PM2:00 JST on Sale._a0077842_15192066.jpg

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