The Loyal Subjectsの新作2種入荷で発送開始。
秋の高山祭りたけなわの飛騨高山は留之助商店本店では、到着したばかりのThe Loyal Subjectsの最新作Wrecks & Dazey Lava Edition(レックス・アンド・デイジー・ラヴァ版)とDestroyer Eye Edition(バフモンの百目君)をせっせと荷造り発送中です。
The Loyal Subjectsの新作2種入荷で発送開始。_a0077842_1411033.jpg
Autumn Takayama Festival (October 9 and 10): An extremely elegant and beautiful festival which is among the three most beautiful festivals of Japan. The highlight of the festival is gorgeous floats described as “moving Youmeimon (the famous, gorgeously-decorated gate to Toshogu Shrine in Nikko)” and marionettes skillfully operated on the floats.
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The Loyal Subjectsの新作2種入荷で発送開始。_a0077842_1495843.jpg

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