Jesse Hernandezのカラヴェラ、今夜24時発売。
おごそかな気分でJesse Hernandez(ジェシー・ヘルナンデス)作の最新Calavera Dunny(カラヴェラ・ダニー)を、商品チェックがてらひとつ開封&撮影した。
Jesse Hernandezのカラヴェラ、今夜24時発売。_a0077842_2017205.jpg
Jesse Hernandezのカラヴェラ、今夜24時発売。_a0077842_20173329.jpg
Urban meets Aztec. An indigenous character from the world of Jesse Hernandez, Calavera is as ancient as he is modern. Standing 8 inches tall, with Aztec-inspired painted patterns around the feet and neck and a fiery feather headdress around its skull. This Dunny will be sold via our site soon.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2011-12-14 20:32 | 商店入荷新着情報
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