Lady Butterfly Cherry version、10個限定、仕上がる。
極寒の飛騨高山を訪れバレンタインデーに発売するLady Butterfly Sculptureの新作を仕上げるのが、Aikoさんの年中行事になったような気がする。
Lady Butterfly Cherry version、10個限定、仕上がる。_a0077842_18122973.jpg
Lady Butterfly Cherry version、10個限定、仕上がる。_a0077842_18124151.jpg
Lady Butterfly Cherry version、10個限定、仕上がる。_a0077842_1813094.jpg
Lady Butterfly Cherry version、10個限定、仕上がる。_a0077842_181398.jpg
I feel that visiting Hida Takayama in a frigid winter to finish new Lady Butterfly Sculpture which are released on Valentine’s Day has become an annual event for Aiko. The color of the third Butterfly is light cherry color. She separately painted transparent resin feathers in see-through red and ultra-thin white using an airbrush. Soft, light and a sweet scent left, Cherry Butterfly which look as if they would fly far away have been completed. Please wait for the follow-up.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2012-01-16 23:59 | 留之助オリジナルモチャ
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