Monsters & Misfits II、レセプション・パーティー参加希望のみなさまへ。
1月29日のポストでMonsters and Misfits II(怪物と不適応者たち 2)展レセプション・パーティーのご案内をさせていただきましたところ、遠方からもたくさんのお問い合わせをちょうだいしました。
パーティー参加ご希望のみなさんは、右の「Inquiry お問い合わせ」バナーかこちらからご連絡ください。

さて、下の画像はDoktor A(ドクターA)がMonsters and Misfits IIのために製作中のスチームパンクな作品2点の寄りの絵。
Monsters & Misfits II、レセプション・パーティー参加希望のみなさまへ。_a0077842_9414.jpg
Monsters & Misfits II、レセプション・パーティー参加希望のみなさまへ。_a0077842_941210.jpg
The upper images are close-up shots of the two steampunk works which Doktor A is creating for the Monsters and Misfits II. It is like a dream for you to be able to get his original works at the exhibition, isn't it?

By the way, I let people know about the reception party of the Monsters and Misfits II on the post of January 29th. Thankfully lots of people including those who live far away asked us about the party. I thank for everyone’s showing interests.
The party is going to be held on April 13th, but the famed festival “Takayama Spring Festival” will be held around here on the next day. Because of that, it is highly possible most of hotels and Ryokan (Japanese style inns) are all booked soon. If you are planning to stay in Takayama, I strongly recommend making reservation of the hotel as soon as possible. There is no participation fee for the party. However, depending on how the venue is crowded, we may accept only those who have a contact.
If you would like to participate in the party, please contact us by clicking “Inquiry” on the right or clicking here.
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