Keith Poon (aka Keithing)、ご来店
ToyQubeのオーナーでデザイナーのKeith Poon(キース・プーン)が新婦のMaGgie(マギーちゃん)を伴い、1ヵ月がかりの新婚旅行の途中に日本を訪れ、このたび留之助に寄ってくれた。
Keith Poon (aka Keithing)、ご来店_a0077842_10152521.jpg
Keith Poon (aka Keithing)、ご来店_a0077842_1015357.jpg
Keith Poon (aka Keithing)、ご来店_a0077842_10154759.jpg
Keith Poon, an owner and designer of ToyQube, stopped by in Japan and visited Hida Takayama, which is where Tomenosuke is located, during his one-month honeymoon with his cute bride MaGgie. At the shop, he autographed all the toys designed by him. Then, he was shown around the city’s many historic sites. Also, for dinner, he was treated with the best of the traditional Takayama cuisine.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2012-03-11 23:59 | ToyQube 新製品情報
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