Monsters & Misfits II、一段落
Monsters & Misfits II展は飛騨高山の日下部民芸館で26日まで開催中です。
Monsters & Misfits II、一段落_a0077842_18265270.jpg
The four artists of Circus Posterus went from Gero-onsen to Tokyo in the morning of 16th. Yesterday, on 17th, they went to the Tokyo DisneySea with Shigeta of goccodo and Satoshi of ARTDENKA. Today, they are enjoying themselves at the Ghibli Miuseum. And, tomorrow, they will leave for home.
We would like to give big thanks to fans who came all the way to Hida Takayama and all those collectors around the world who purchased the works.
The Monsters & Misfits II has received more favorable responses than we had expected. With most works getting sold out after about one week, it has been a great success. The show will be held until 26th. It will be great if you can come before it closes.
We are planning to hold Part 3 next year. The time of the event will be changed to summer or fall, and we intend to make further improvement on the show. We will make that the show will be even greater next year.
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