Making of Sofubi Calliope Jackalope / Part 1
さらにもうひとつ、Kathie Olivas(キャシー・オリヴァス)デザインによる新キャラCalliope Jackalope(カリオペ・ジャッカロープ)も、留之助(T)とCircus Posterus(CP)のコラボ・ブランド T+CP第2のソフビ・モチャとして粛々と進行中なのだった。
彫刻はスティンジー・ジャックと同じくMirock Toyの金子洋平君が担当、正月明けには作業がはじまった。
カリオペ・ジャッカロープとスティンジー・ジャックの頭をすげ替えれるようにしたいというキャシーとBrandt Peters(ブラント・ピータース)の要望に応えるため、ジャッカロープの背中のラインや肩幅を変更することになった。
また、表情に関する修正が何度も繰り返され、キャシーの承認が得られたのは4月13日、Monsters & Misfits II展オープニングの夜だった。

Making of Sofubi Calliope Jackalope / Part 1_a0077842_18575081.jpg
Further, a new character Calliope Jackalope designed by Kathie Olivas had been well in progress as the second collaboration brand figure by T + CP (Tomenosuke and Circus Posterus). Yohei Kaneko of Mirock Toy was in charge of sculpture as in the case of Stingy Jack, and he started his operation form early new year. Calliope Jackalope’s backline and shoulder width were modified to meet requests from Kathie and Brandt Peters to exchange heads between Jackalope and Jack. After repeated modifications in expressions, it was April 13, the night of the opening day of the exhibition Monsters & Misfits II, when they could obtain Kathie’s permission. Heart easing faces of Yohei he came from Kanagawa and Shigeta Tanaka of goccodo he now appears to be a production coordinator of T+CP and a satisfied and smiling face of Kathie were very impressive for me.
Above is the CG rendering image of Calliope Jackalope, which Yohei referred as a sculpture model.

Making of Sofubi Calliope Jackalope / Part 1_a0077842_19291144.jpg
Above is the figure image from Brandt whose head was exchanged between Calliope Jackalope and Stingy Jack.

Making of Sofubi Calliope Jackalope / Part 1_a0077842_19362257.jpg
Making of Sofubi Calliope Jackalope / Part 1_a0077842_19402047.jpg
Making of Sofubi Calliope Jackalope / Part 1_a0077842_19402952.jpg
Making of Sofubi Calliope Jackalope / Part 1_a0077842_19412357.jpg
Above is Yohei’s final original model. Excellent!
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