Making of Sofubi Stingy Jack / Part 4
留之助(T)とCircus Posterus(CP)のコラボ・ブランド T+CP によるソフビ版Stingy Jack(スティンジー・ジャック)のメーキング、その4。


Making of Sofubi Stingy Jack / Part 4_a0077842_2152582.jpg
This is Stingy Jack casted using colour vinyl, which will be actually used.

Making of Sofubi Stingy Jack / Part 4_a0077842_2193270.jpg
This is a paint test. Two paint masks were developed for eyes and collars. Crew of Obitsu completed this very well with their splendid paint. A cigar held by the right hand looks like a finger. Thus we decided to make additional mask and paint it differently.

塗装テストを受け取ったBrandt Peters(ブラント・ピータース)から問題が報告された。
Making of Sofubi Stingy Jack / Part 4_a0077842_21211554.jpg
Making of Sofubi Stingy Jack / Part 4_a0077842_2158955.jpg
A problem happened. Vinyl material around one of the ankles had deformed because of the intense heat of Albuquerque and has fallen down. Therefore we had to remake the new foot. The picture is when we put the main body of soft vinyl on the model sculpture with a new foot.

Making of Sofubi Stingy Jack / Part 4_a0077842_2132857.jpg
Stingy Jack header card is designed by Brandt Peters.
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