DCon 2012のボツ・ポスター
Brandon Ragnar Johnson(ラグナー)が創作し、思うところあってボツにしたDCon 2012のポスター全4種をご紹介。
DCon 2012のボツ・ポスター_a0077842_1246250.jpg
Brandon Ragnar Johnson said "These were all rejected by me for various reasons. The parts I like will go back in the hopper and be used in other projects. Nothing ever goes to waste. Everything but the oink as it were".

DCon 2012のボツ・ポスター_a0077842_12502226.jpg
DCon 2012のボツ・ポスター_a0077842_12503642.jpg
DCon 2012のボツ・ポスター_a0077842_12504457.jpg

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