アトランタ在のアニメーターでイラストレーターで漫画家のBrad McGinty(ブラッド・マギンティ)による、ノスタルジックなタッチで描かれたSF怪獣大図鑑的anatomy print series(解剖学的プリント・シリーズ)がいい。

Anatomy of the Xenomorph by Brad McGinty
230mm x 308mm

Looking at this illustration, I am transported back in time to my childhood half a century ago.
I had 53 issues of Shonen Magazine (the most oldest weekly comic magazine for boys in Japan) lined up underneath the floor of my room the end of every year, and my customary habit was to cut out the special features from the opening pages and keep them in a scrap book. My favorite in particular were the perspective views of the robot or mechanism and the anatomical charts of the Kaiju monsters, which are unbearable to take out to the recycle service. I don’t remember well how long I continued such annual event, but I do remember that more than ten of my scrapbooks had been scattered and lost in the confusion of the moving and I blamed my mother about that.

The anatomy print series by Brad McGinty, an animator, illustrator, and comic book artist in Atlanta, has a touch of illustrations done half a century ago. Furthermore, there are some unclear captions printed in Japanese, which made me smile. Anyways, I plan to sell a three-print set of Predator and Alien and Face Hugger at here. Please look forward to it.


The Facehugger by Brad McGinty
146mm x 229mm


Anatomy of the Predator by Brad McGinty
230mm x 308mm

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