Stingy Jack Colorway #2、DCon 2012で発売決定
粛々と製作が進んでいたStingy Jack(スティンジー・ジャック)第2のカラーウェイが完成し、DCon 2012でのデビューが決まった。

It has been decided that Stingy Jack's the second colorway, which had been coming along without a fuss, will be debuted at DCon 2012.
Stingy Jack Colorway #2、DCon 2012で発売決定_a0077842_1611234.jpg
上の画像はBrandt Peters(ブラント・ピータース)が仕上げたオリジナルのレジン・フィギュアで、これを元に下の彩色指示書が作られた。

The above image is the original resin figure by Brandt Peters. Using this as a reference the Pantone color instruction sheet below was made.
Stingy Jack Colorway #2、DCon 2012で発売決定_a0077842_16144725.jpg
Stingy Jack Colorway #2、DCon 2012で発売決定_a0077842_1620527.jpg
The sofubi Stingy Jack colorway#2 with an amazing finish by Obitus Plastic Manufacturing. Approximately half of the limited production of 120 were sold at DCon 2012, with approximately 30 being sold to people around the world, including Japan (besides North America). It is planned that they will go on sale at our online store around November 10. Please wait for further information.
Stingy Jack Colorway #2、DCon 2012で発売決定_a0077842_16254017.jpg

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