約1週間、お店もブログも放置してDCon 2012が開催されたLAに行ってまいりました。
At the booth of Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus in DCon 2012. Shigeta of goccodo came with us from Tokyo and Aya took part in our journey from New York.
Chris Ryniak is posing in the biggest Circus Posterus booth in DCon.
Most of the Sofubi which were prepared for the DCon were gone.

が、土産話は後日に回し、そう、お約束の留之助(T)とCircus Posterus(CP)のコラボ・ブランドT+CPの最新作の発売日が迫ってきたのだった。
まずは明・土曜日・深夜24時にBrandt Peters(ブラント・ピータース)作スティンジー・ジャック・カラーウェイ・ナンバー2、毒キノコのスティンジー・ジャックKathie Olivas(キャシー・オリヴァス)のカリオペ・ジャッカロープの発売だ。



Japanese SOFUBI partnership Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus would like to announce our the second works release: TOXIC MARSHMALLOW STINGY JACK by Brandt Peters and CALLIOPE JACKALOPE by Kathie Olivas.

Sale on November 10th 24:00 midnight (JST) = November 11th 0:00 (JST) – Tomenosuke sales Sofubi to the customers of Western and Eastern Europe, Central and South America, all of Asia and Pacific (Austrrallia, New Zealand etc.), Middle East - basically any non US and Canada location.

Our sales site is here→http://www.tomenosuke.com/T-CP/
Note: Upon the time of release (November 10th 24:00 midnight JST = November 11th 0:00 JST), you will see the link button, “Order Form”, in the product column. (http://www.tomenosuke.com/T-CP/) From there, make sure that you move to exclusive "Order Form", where you fill out data and send it. Please be careful since no other form of order than the exclusive "Order Form” will be valid.
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