Designer Toy Awards 2012のBest Customizerの栄誉に輝いた東海岸ベースのデザイナーで彫刻家のJ*RYU(ジェイ*リュー)。
去年NYCCで挨拶を交わし、Forest of Sorrows series(悲しみの森シリ-ズ)と名付けられたレジン彫刻の、えも言われぬ寂しさをたたえた表現に、すっかり釘付けになってしまった。
幸運にもNYCC 2012で再会でき、彼の新作Sapling(サプリング)も入手できて、こっそり日本デビューを企てていたのだけれど、まるで精も根も尽き果てて悲しみの淵に取り残されたようなキャラクター、サプリングがあまりにもいとおし過ぎて、その生い立ちについてもっと知りたくなり、販売を見合わせることにした。
というのも、ジェイ*リューがDCon 2012に参加すると知り、んじゃ、じっくりサプリングの誕生秘話でも聞かせてもらおうと思ったからだった。
J*RYU is a designer and sculptor based on the East Coast who was honored with the Best Customizer Award in the Designer Toy Awards 2012.
I exchanged greetings with him at NYCC last year. I was completely transfixed by his resin sculptures, which uniquely express such loneliness. Luckily I met him again at NYCC 2012, and I was able to purchase his new work "Sorrows." I had planned to release it at my store, but I wanted to know more about "Sorrows," so I put off selling it for a while. I heard he was participating in DCon 2012, so I thought I would get him to explain in detail then.



サプリングは気性の荒い小さな生物で、魂をあらゆる危害から保護しま す。その後、その魂の花が咲きはじめると、新しい人生に踏み出すことができるように、その魂は秘密の場所に植えられます。

NYCC 2012から6つ持ち帰った。


J*RYU said "Here is the story behind my "Sapling" characters".
The one truth in the world is that everyone has a life that they can make their own. The decisions we make and the events that occur will determine what type of life we lead. And then, when all is done, we die and leave our legacy, so that we can be remembered for our character, and our actions.
Unfortunately, some people pass on to the next life with unanswered questions and can never rest. Their souls will not allow them to sleep peacefully for eternity and thus, they are wandering spirits who walk the earth forever, hoping that somehow, they will find peace.
When this happens, their souls go to the Forest of Sorrows, a place where they have the chance to redeem themselves, and to possibly start a new life where they can find the courage to live the life they always wanted.
These souls are taken to this forest and given to a race of tree spirits called "Saplings", whose only purpose is to be their new guardian. Upon arriving, the souls are caught by the Saplings and planted into their heads so that they can grow. The Saplings are fierce little creatures who will protect them from any harm. And then, when the soul starts to bloom, they find a secret place to plant them, so that their new life can begin again.
We all deserve second chances. We are born. We grow. We sustain. We survive. Life is precious and we should have no fear and be proud of who we are. This is the story of The Forest of Sorrows.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2012-11-10 22:16 | モチャ行脚
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