mr clementの最新lover ji ja発売
mr clement(ミスター・クレメント)の今度の作品は淡いピンクとブルーのlover ji ja(ラヴァー・ジー・ジャ)、ペアでしか売らない。

mr clementの最新lover ji ja発売_a0077842_218225.jpg
mr clement's latest version of Ji Ja bird pair figure is having the handmade English Rose between their beak. Called the "lover ji ja" is sold at our online store now.
Limited Edition: 150 / Material: PVC / 2 colorways available (Pink and Blue) / 3 jointed figure, arm and neck / Each figure has a limited edition no.
mr clementの最新lover ji ja発売_a0077842_20532256.jpg

mr clementの最新lover ji ja発売_a0077842_21284976.jpg

by tomenosuke_2006 | 2012-12-06 21:09 | 商店入荷新着情報
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