Making of Calliope Jackalope #2
Making of Calliope Jackalope #2_a0077842_7511767.jpg
I described in my blog in December 7th that I have two new paint masks made. One is, as specified in Pantone instruction sheet (image above), intended to air brush the tip of the nose in pink color. It reminds me of the red nose reindeer suitable for the Christmas season.
The other one is the white dot (highlight) found in the black eye in the paint master (image below) which has been hand painted by Kathie Olivas by her own hand. As to the forming color of pale cream, I asked the Obitus Plastic Manufacturing to respect the color tone of the paint master than Pantone code to satisfy the request of Kathie.
Making of Calliope Jackalope #2_a0077842_7513211.jpg
あとひとつはKathie Olivas(キャシー・オリヴァス)が自ら手塗りで仕上げたペイント・マスター(上の画像)にある黒目の中の白いドット(ハイライト)だ。
Making of Calliope Jackalope #2_a0077842_919749.jpg
Thus, the image sample above has been completed. These are the master piece of Japanese workmanship. How delicate the finish touch is! I believe that this is the winter version of Calliope Jacklope #2 in which red nose of a winter cold is really impressive.
However, I found that the white part of the eye was contaminated with a "reddish" touch. I asked the Obitsu to revise it to match the color of the whites of the eyes of Calliope Jacklope #1, and to get into mass production immediately.
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