Mecha Asteca OGのサンプルだけ、着
人気のアーバン・ネイティヴ・アーティストJesse Hernandez(ジェシー・ヘルナンディス)の歴代モチャ中、もっとも重くてでかいヤツ、全高30センチのMecha Asteca(メカ・アステカ)の寄りのカットをご覧あれ。

Mecha Asteca OGのサンプルだけ、着_a0077842_21321039.jpg
The Mecha Azteca – which stands a massive 12” tall – will come in three colorways : Regular, Shadow and Jungle. The Regular figure will ship three to a case with the Shadow being a 1:4 chase colorway. The Jungle colorway, is an exclusive to retail store Limited Edition in the UK, but some of these editions will be made available to Japan based fans.

Mecha Asteca OGのサンプルだけ、着_a0077842_21323186.jpg
Mecha Asteca OGのサンプルだけ、着_a0077842_21325643.jpg
Mecha Asteca OGのサンプルだけ、着_a0077842_21331895.jpg
Mecha Asteca OGのサンプルだけ、着_a0077842_2133312.jpg

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