Stinky Ginger #2 ?
Chris Ryniak(クリス・ライニャック)のStinky Ginger(スティンキー・ジンジャー)#2、またの名をPickled Ginger(ピックルド・ジンジャー=生姜の酢漬け)のテストプルである。
Stinky Ginger #2 ?_a0077842_9354271.jpg
A forming color is Pink. These are the test pull of Chris Ryniak's Stinky Ginger #2 which was named "Pickled Ginger" by artisit. Opaque or transparent vinyl, it is still undecided. As soon as it is decided, Obitus Plastic Manufacturing makes a prototype based on Pantone instruction sheet directive which Chris prepared.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2013-01-14 13:19 | T+CPモチャ
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