Erick Scarecrowの新作、先行予約承ります
モノトーンのUpchuck Classicko(アプチャック ・クラシコ)高さ6インチ(155ミリ)15個限定と、パールフェースのChelly Chainsaw x Zora Pearl Face(チェリー・チェンソー・ゾーラ)高さ6インチ(155ミリ)11個限定が、明日、Erick Scarecrow(エリック・スケアクロー)のオンラインショップから発売されるのに先駆け、先行予約を受け付けます。
ご希望の方は右の「Inquiry お問い合わせ」バナーか、こちらからご連絡を。
New Classicko Upchuck by Erick Scarecrow is available in the ESC Shop. The edition size to these hand painted resin figures are 15pcs worldwide. Each 6" hand made/painted resin figure comes with one 4" doll vomit clear resin figure. Signed and numbered by Erick Scarecrow and packaged in hand-cut styro.

Chelly Chainsaw x Zora Pearl Face is a 6" hand painted resin figure by Erick Scarecrow x Frombies. This colorway is limited to 11pcs worldwide. Each figure is signed and numbered by artist. Packaged and sealed for safety. This collectible is for ages 15 & UP!

by tomenosuke_2006 | 2013-01-26 08:39
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