Stingy Jack #3、今夜10時、こんな感じで待ってます
TOMENOSUKE+CIRCUS POSTERUSの専用サイトの準備も万端、今夜10時をよろしく。
Stingy Jack #3、今夜10時、こんな感じで待ってます_a0077842_1728692.jpg
Tonight, February 13th 10pm Brandt Peters’ Old Timey Stingy Jack releases to the public. It is an edition of 120, divided equally between Tomenosuke (international customers) and Circus Posterus (North American customers).
For international customers: you will see the link button "Order Form" in the product column. From there, make sure that you move to “Exclusive Order Form", where you fill out data and send it. Please be careful since no other form of order than the “Exclusive Order Form” will be valid.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2013-02-13 17:41 | T+CPモチャ
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