Monsters & Misfits III、ノリノリのAmanda Louise Spayed
去年の展覧会で真っ先にすべての出品作がSOLD OUTになったのはAmanda Louise Spayd(アマンダ・ルイーズ・スペード)で、次回のMonsters & Misfits IIIにはもっとたくさんの作品を用意してほしいと頼んでいたのだった。

Monsters & Misfits III開催初日の9月13日午後6時から、会場の日下部民藝館でオープニング・レセプションを開催します。
Monsters & Misfits III、ノリノリのAmanda Louise Spayed_a0077842_1521529.jpg
Monsters & Misfits III、ノリノリのAmanda Louise Spayed_a0077842_15223821.jpg
About the Artist
Amanda Louise Spayed is a maker of the highest order. An accomplished artist, sculptor, musician, soap maker, and student of perfumery, Amanda spends a lot of time in the woods, watching birds, collecting feathers, dead insects, bones, and other artifacts. She can often be found poking through antique stores looking for beat-up treasures for inspiration, which she finds in historical fashion and textiles, the excess and ridiculousness of high-societies past, natural materials and their inevitable decay, the raw and instinctual behaviors of animals, and in artists such as Jan Svankmajer, Odd Nerdrum, Joseph Cornell, and Hieronymous Bosch, among others.

Monsters & Misfits III will be held at Kusakabe Folk Museum in Hida-Takayama from 13th September. There is an opening reception from 18:00 of 13th. We look forward to your attendance.
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