Monsters & Misfits III、大看板出来
T+CPの新作、Heathen Snake Skelve(ヒーゼン=異教のスネーク・スケルヴ)のMonsters & Misfits III展限定80個のGID版をちょっくら忍ばせたのだ。

Monsters & Misfits III開催初日の9月13日午後5時から内覧会を、また6時から会場の日下部民藝館でオープニング・レセプションを開催します。
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When passed through the front door of the Kusakabe Folk Museum, the design of the 180x180cm big welcome sign which appears in the front also finished at last.
Please pay attention to the image of the fourth from the top of the right column. It's T+CP's new sofubi line and Monsters & Misfits III exclusive Heathen Snake Skelve GID version.

Monsters & Misfits III will be held at Kusakabe Folk Museum in Hida-Takayama from 13th September. There is an opening reception from 18:00 of 13th. We look forward to your attendance.

Monsters & Misfits III、大看板出来_a0077842_12335548.jpg

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Monsters & Misfits III、大看板出来_a0077842_12345635.jpg

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