Monsters & Misfits III、ネクロマンサーの起源
Doktor AMonsters & Misfits III展のために創作した9点のワンオフ作品中、全高60センチに達する大作The Necromancer(ネクロマンサー)は19世紀の浮世絵師 歌川国芳の『相馬の古内裏(そうまのふるだいり)』にインスパイアされた作品だった。
なんてことをDoktor AのFBで教わった次第。

Doktor Aのオンライン・プレビュー・ページはこちら→
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Monsters & Misfits III展は9月26日まで飛騨高山の日下部民藝館にて開催中。
Monsters & Misfits III、ネクロマンサーの起源_a0077842_841326.jpg
Among those nine one-off pieces that Doktor A created for the exhibition, The Necromancer, a masterpiece of its total hight reaches 60cm, was inspired by "Souma no Hurudairi" which was created by a 19-century ukiyoe artist, Utagawa Kuniyoshi. Kuniyoshi's ukiyoe was characterized to be full of playful spirit, different from the sentimental pieces by Hokusai or Hiroshige. He was the number one entertaining artist getting the ordinary people in the late Edo period excited with imposing pictures of warriors, eerie pictures of specters, as well as humorous giga and kyoga (caricatures and cartoons) personifying small animals. Also, he released dynamic pieces utilizing wide triple screens one after another such as the representative work, "Souma no Hurudairi". In this work, the accurately depicted skeletons (they were called "gashadokuro" back then) were said to be referred to western medical books.
I learned the above from Doktor A's FB.

Doktor A's online preview page is here→
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