mr clement、最大級のAstrolapin
これはロンドン在住の香港人アーティストmr clement(ミスター・クレメント)が、ヨーロッパを創作活動の拠点にして今年で10年が経つのを記念した超力作であり、2009年11月に発表したイエローとオレンジのプチ・アストロラパンの完全なる拡大版なのだ。

mr clement、最大級のAstrolapin_a0077842_19443559.jpg
mr clement、最大級のAstrolapin_a0077842_19444793.jpg
It was created by mr clement, a London based Hong Kong artist, as the wishes of his new life in Europe a decade ago. Astrolapin is a sci-fi role, which not only possesses the adventurous spirit of an astronaut, but also the lovely and gentle character of a rabbit. Initially, it appeared in graphic novels and paintings only, and later mr clement has put forward his ideas by developing Astrolapin sculptures, animations, art toys, etc. mr clement recently has decided to refresh the design of Astrolapin by making it into two vinyl sculpture works, as part of its 10th anniversary remembrance of the birth.

mr clement、最大級のAstrolapin_a0077842_19540731.jpg
mr clement、最大級のAstrolapin_a0077842_19523884.jpg
mr clement、最大級のAstrolapin_a0077842_19544011.jpg
mr clement、最大級のAstrolapin_a0077842_19545257.jpg

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