Coarse Omen Blink Series、来るなり完売
遊び疲れて熟睡した少年fever(フィーバー)と、彼が夢の中で出会ったフクロウomen(オーメン)とのバンドル・セット souls gone mad(ソウル・ゴーン・マッド)・・・少々在庫あり・・・のオーメンだけが新しく4色に塗り分けられ、ミニフィギュアゆえのお求めやすい価格で入荷した。
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Omen is painted by Sven Waschk who is creative partner of Mark Landwehr.

Coarse Omen Blink Series、来るなり完売_a0077842_13112981.jpg
The 3.5'' vinyl figures [omen blink] will become available in four classic coarse colour-themes and will be packed in nice colour-printed gift boxes with 3D embossing on the lid.
Coarse Omen Blink Series、来るなり完売_a0077842_12354199.jpg

R: omen blink - the sun age / summer gleaming, bright, and sandy with dark shadows.
L: omen blink - switch to fall / omens’ feathers take on the hues of grey and darkening skies.
Coarse Omen Blink Series、来るなり完売_a0077842_1240769.jpg

R: omen blink - milky bliss / tinted in cold bright white with pink and grey accents.
L: omen blink - blush / isn't omen cute all in pink with its yellow beak?
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