Coarse – Locks Pain、予約開始
鳥類? それとも爬虫類? もしかしたら新種の恐竜?
とにかく卵からかえったというロックスの作者、Mark Landwehr(マーク・ランドワー)とSven Waschk(スーヴェン・ヴァシュク)の説明を下記に直訳する。



Coarse – Locks Pain、予約開始_a0077842_15345592.jpg
Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk, creators of this figure are explaining as follows.

The Locks barreled forward, fueled by an urgency they could not comprehend. No longer trapped in the eggs from which they were born, they were astounded by the vastness of the world and the limitlessness of its borders. A joy overwhelmed them, and they thought all the beings they encountered, from the trees to the rivers to the other animals around them, must also be me immersed in the same ecstasy. What they didn’t know was that beneath them was chaos. With each blissful thud of their hands, they crushed creatures roaming beneath them, painting a patchwork of blood all over their bright new world.

Limited to 300 pieces. The 11'' Locks vinyl figure comes with 5 blood drips in different sizessecurely embedded in black sponge packed in a colour-printed gift box. We are now taking pre-order at here.

Coarse – Locks Pain、予約開始_a0077842_1645888.jpg
Coarse – Locks Pain、予約開始_a0077842_1651522.jpg
Coarse – Locks Pain、予約開始_a0077842_1653017.jpg
Coarse – Locks Pain、予約開始_a0077842_1654468.jpg
Coarse – Locks Pain、予約開始_a0077842_1662641.jpg

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