Yoskay Yamamotoのダブル・ポートレート"u + i"
加えて光輝を放つ無雑の白が美しい少女と少年のダブル・ポートレート"u + i"は、フランスのK.Olin tribuがこれまでリリースしてきたアート・ポーセリンの中でも、とりわけ重要な作品といえるだろう。
作者はLA在住の日本人芸術家Yoskay Yamamoto
飛騨高山からこうして日本のみなさんにYoskay Yamamotoの逸品をご紹介できることを、店主、うれしく思う。
ちなみに"u + i"のひとつは、きょう結婚10周年を迎える"妻 + 私"の記念に持ち帰り、いつも目の届く場所に飾って、作品の如く静かで穏やかなる老後を目指そうと思うのだった。
Of the great art porcelain K.Olin tribu has released so far, this is one of the most eye-catching masterpieces. "u + i" a double portrait of a boy and girl, was created by Japanese artist Yoskay Yamamoto who lives in LA.
K.Olin tribu produced only 12 sets, and three sets have been delivered to Tomenosuke. We proudly introduce this great work of Yoskay-san to Japanese people from Hida-Takayama.


Born and raised in Toba, Japan, Yoskay Yamamoto moved to the United States at the age of 15. A self-trained illustrator, Yamamoto’s artistic tastes expanded as he fell in love with the pop culture of California. Yamamoto discovered a way to fuse the two different cultural backgrounds together into his work. Yamamoto nostalgically blends pop iconic characters from his adopted western home with traditional and mythical Japanese elements, balancing his Asian heritage with urban pop art. He has sold out his work recently at shows in New York, San Francisco, Boston and Los Angeles.

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