Golden Spicy Sticky Ginger、明日午後2時発売開始
豪華絢爛仕様のGolden Spicy Sticky Ginger(ゴールデン・スパイシー・スティンキー・ジンジャー)の発売が明日に迫って来ました。
Golden Spicy Sticky Ginger、明日午後2時発売開始_a0077842_15251040.jpg
Golden Spicy Stinky Ginger has an edition size of only 60 with 30 available in the CP Store for North American customers and the other 30 for International sales at Tomenosuke. We will release her at February 15 Saturday 2 pm JST. She comes poly-bagged with a signed and numbered header card, and costs $89 (8,900 JYN).
Golden Spicy Sticky Ginger、明日午後2時発売開始_a0077842_1214468.jpg

by tomenosuke_2006 | 2014-02-14 12:22 | T+CPモチャ
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