Wandering Misfits miniseries、発売開始
さらにこのミニシリーズを取り扱う世界の16の専門店(アジアでは当店とマニラのSecret Freshのみ)の大半は留之助のブラック・スネーク・スケルヴのようにショップ限定カラーを持っていそうだし、全種コンプは至難の業だろう。
ワンダリング・ミスフィッツのクリエイターKathie Olivas(キャシー・オリヴァス)にとってはスカベンジャー1と2に次ぐ、Brandt Peters(ブラント・ピータース)にとってはサーブ・オー・マチックカーニーズに次ぐ、それぞれ通算3作目のミニシリーズであり、じつにカワイク洗練された集大成なのである。

I tried my luck and opened one case of 16 boxes. It was not much difficult to have all 11 regular characters, and remaining 5 were all in different rare colors. So it’s likely there is one rare-color version with each character. In addition, 16 specialized retailer of the world dealing with this mini series (of which us and Secret Fresh in Manila are the only two in Asia) may have their own exclusive colors just as Tomenosuke's Black Snake Skelve, which could further make the completion of full range almost impossible.
For Kathie Olivas, the creator of the Wandering Misfits, it is the third miniseries following Scavengers-1 and 2, as well as for Brandt Peters following Serv-O-Matics and Carnies. This is indeed refined and kawaii culmination of their works.
We ship overseas→http://tomesyoten.exblog.jp/tags/Wondering%20Misfits/
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