Andrew Bell 続投! 次はThe Last Knight
入荷待ちのメガ・アンドロイドや、きょう発売のマルディベイル・ダニーの作者Andrew Bell (アンドリュー・ベル)が密かに準備していたのが、このスカルヘッドのゼブラ The Last Knight(ラスト・ナイト)である。
Andrew Bell, a creator of the backordered MEGA Android and Mardivale Dunny of on sale today had prepared behind closed doors, it's a skull head zebra "The Last Knight", 8” Knight chess piece. This figure features articulation in both the ears and the jaw. The packaging comes with a hand numbered band with black and silver stamp artwork and a hidden magnet clasp. The new work which is dignity of Andrew's will be available soon at Tomenosuke.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2014-03-05 11:39
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