HI-FRUCTOSE vol.30、発売中
HI-FRUCTOSE vol.30、発売中_a0077842_6481493.jpg


30号の表紙を飾るのはJames Jean、中綴じ16ページのスケッチブックはCamille Rose Garcia、ますます怪し気に、まるで教祖様のようになりつつあるGary Baseman作品と彼の近況を紹介する写真が、これまた見ものである。
HI-FRUCTOSE vol.30、発売中_a0077842_7313191.jpg
↑ Camille Rose Garcia
HI-FRUCTOSE vol.30、発売中_a0077842_731418.jpg
↑ Gary Baseman

This volume of Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine is packed with amazingness. This issue features a beautiful cover and feature by James Jean, Art Farming with Wim Delvoye, the installations of David Choong Lee, the paintings of Lu Cong, The Art of Being Gary Baseman, the broken skate deck sculptures of Haroshi, a large feature on painter Tran Nugyen,the graphic oil paintings of Nathan Fox, a fantastic feature on Tiffany Bozic, hyper real sculptor Ron Mueck, and  a very special 16 page insert by Camille Rose Garcia, featuring beautiful reproductions of her works on paper, and more!

HI-FRUCTOSE vol.30、発売中_a0077842_7351213.jpg
↑ James Jean
HI-FRUCTOSE vol.30、発売中_a0077842_7352482.jpg
↑ James Jean
HI-FRUCTOSE vol.30、発売中_a0077842_7353753.jpg
↑ Jon Fox
HI-FRUCTOSE vol.30、発売中_a0077842_7381969.jpg
↑Wim Delvoye
HI-FRUCTOSE vol.30、発売中_a0077842_7383132.jpg
↑ Lu Cong
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