TTF 2015にやっと到着
@ the Tommenosuke + Shon booth

先に送っておいたT+CP ソフビや当店オリジナルのミクロバスなど、Shonが代わりにセールスしてくれて、ほとんど売り切れていたのだった。
TTF 2015にやっと到着_a0077842_1304919.jpg
Finally arrived late in the afternoon of Friday the 9th, late for TTF 2015. The response to the T+CP and our original sofubi also seemed very good, as Shon took charge of sales instead of us. Leaving him to take care of the booth, I looked around the assembly halls and had an enjoyable time.
By the way, the image above is Shon and his a newly married woman.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2015-10-10 01:53 | モチャ行脚
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