The Tomenosuke Vault Dunny Shop is now open at TOMENOSUKE STORES.JP

つい先日、KidrobotのオンラインでVault Shop(貴重品保管店)というのが公開され、売り出されたモチャが瞬時にSOLD OUTになった。
これって、通常のオンラインショップでSOLD OUTになったヒット作の保管品を、買い逃したコレクターのために通常価格で放出しようという試みだった。
ぜんぶでおよそ60種類、Tomenosuke Stores.jpに順次アップロードの予定である。

Dunny at the Tomenosuke Stores →
TOMENOSUKE STORES.JPにお越しください_a0077842_7403834.jpg
The other day, "Vault Shop" has opened on the website of Kidrobot and released toys has been sold out in a blink. It was the attempt to sell the stock of successful items, which were already sold out on the standard online shop, for the collectors who miss the chance to buy.
So Tomenosuke took a cue from this and decided to sell the premium 8” Dunny of Kidrobot at special prices. Around 60 types that Tomenosuke has been keeping for years will be released at Tomenosuke Stores in sequence.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2016-06-03 23:02 | 留之助商店計画
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