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The first Tomenosuke Blaster PRO "Hero Model" was the glazed and recreated unused actual Blaster before the shooting. So, it was coated by SB plating process since it provides stability to zinc die-cast parts around the receiver. However, there were also problems. It was discovered subsequently that once the coated parts have got scars, it was hard to repair.
Afterward, the matte and black dye "Police model" and "World Convention Model" which was weathering with the matte and black dyed parts were released. Finally, "Retailer Edition", the matte and black dyed model was delivered as the improved and ultimate one.
"Retailer Edition" was different from the conventional kinds of Tomenosuke Blaster PRO, which have been distributing at home and abroad only via Hollywood Collectors Gallery in Japan. It was distributed widely in the foreign market via American-based high-end toy dealer, HCG. It was seen the monumental model in this light.
In the early spring, HCG has proposed the release of a limited model to us. So we have offered the reproduction of "Hero Model". However, it is different from the original SB coated one. Instead of that, the zinc die-cast parts around receiver is polished uncompromisingly and dyed black. We have devoted ourselves to made glorious one-time "Hero Model" come back to life.
Copious amounts of receivers were served for the trial production in order to test glazed finish and many months were spent to complete. This HCG exclusive model is limited and has only 150 pieces. By the special favor of HCG, it becomes possible to offer this model to fans of Tomenosuke Blaster in Japan. We hope many of you get a touch and see the real thing.

by tomenosuke_2006 | 2016-06-30 01:46 | 留之助ブラスター
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