Yuko Utomaru Motoki x 留之助 = 新ソフビ進捗 - 2
The final stage of the prototype model
Yuko Utomaru Motoki x 留之助 = 新ソフビ進捗 - 2_a0077842_22380382.jpg
Yuko Utomaru Motoki x 留之助 = 新ソフビ進捗 - 2_a0077842_22385161.jpg
Yuko Utomaru Motoki x 留之助 = 新ソフビ進捗 - 2_a0077842_22395423.jpg
Yuko Utomaru Motoki x 留之助 = 新ソフビ進捗 - 2_a0077842_22400009.jpg
For the prototype figure which you looked at on the blog post of 2017-04-06, we received advice from the factory to slightly thicken the post in order to strengthen it. But the problem is that if we try to thrust the post in vertically from the rear, it bumps into the front teeth. Yohei, who is in charge of sculpting the prototype, ground down the teeth as an experiment, but anyone could see that this was bad. Then, Utomaru quite easily devised a solution. Essentially, all she did was to widen the mouth upwards only where the teeth interfered. Please have a look at the final form of the prototype, where the mouth has been modified and split in two, and the outer surface has been flawlessly polished. Now it's the factory's turn to have the wax model turned into a product.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2017-06-07 07:23 | 留之助オリジナルモチャ
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