Doktor Aのトーマス・ノスケをご紹介します
Doktor A x Tomenosuke = Thomas Nosuke
2014年4月、Monsters & Misfits III開催に合わせて初来日したDoktor Aに、折り入って相談し、粛々と進めてきたオリジナル・ソフビ計画でしたが、ついにデザインが完成しました。
This original sofubi project, which started by an approach made to Doktor A when he came to Japan for the first time, in time with the Monsters & Misfits III in April 2014, was steadily progressing and the design has been finally completed. Please look at the design image above. This retrofuturistic robot which looks like an uncle of Robby the Robot, is called Thomas Nosuke. As you may guess, this 3rd version had its ups and downs and took time to reach its present state.
Yohei of mirock-toy whom you are all familiar with, has already started the production of the prototype. Please look forward to it!
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2017-08-14 00:05 | 留之助オリジナルモチャ
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