Yuko Utomaru Motoki x 留之助 = 新ソフビ進捗
Prototype was completed

留之助10周年記念ステッカーにもなったイラストレーター utomaruちゃんの、あの『食人族』モチーフのソフビであります。
Yuko Utomaru Motoki x 留之助 = 新ソフビ進捗_a0077842_17540846.jpg
Yuko Utomaru Motoki x 留之助 = 新ソフビ進捗_a0077842_17541379.jpg
This is our latest and strongest project, which we are really excited about. This figure from utomaru, an illustrator who designed in our 10th anniversary stickers. It is based on the Cannibal Holocaust motif. Yohei Kaneko of mirock-toy was also delighted to be involved, and created this prototype for us. We are hoping to debut the new figure this summer.

by tomenosuke_2006 | 2017-04-06 13:24 | 留之助オリジナルモチャ
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