Doktor Aの留ブラ決闘銃仕上げ
The P. K. D. Dueling Pistol Set by Doktor A

スチームパンクな作風でアート・トイの傑作を発表しているDoktor Aが、留ブラ・スタント・モデル・キットを使って決闘銃を作ってくれました。
Doktor Aの留ブラ決闘銃仕上げ_a0077842_09340747.jpg
The P.K.D.
Phlogistonic Kinetic Disruptor.
To do a Man's Job!
Quartz based particle agitators allow a new level of accuracy.
Able to target single tears in rain.
Doktor Aの留ブラ決闘銃仕上げ_a0077842_09354358.jpg
Doktor Aの留ブラ決闘銃仕上げ_a0077842_09325586.jpg
Customised Tomenosuke Resin Blaster Kits:
Acrylic, Vintage Blown Glass, Polyurethane, Silver, Quartz Crystal, Epoxy, Vintage Clock Gears, Acrylic Velvet, Paper, Brass, Found Objects, in a Vintage Wooden Box.
Doktor Aの留ブラ決闘銃仕上げ_a0077842_09383532.jpg
Doktor Aの留ブラ決闘銃仕上げ_a0077842_09393658.jpg
Gun Dimensions : 12" x 7" x 2"
Box Dimensions : 17.5" x 14'" x 4.5"
Doktor Aの留ブラ決闘銃仕上げ_a0077842_09541935.jpg
Doktor Aの留ブラ決闘銃仕上げ_a0077842_09550177.jpg
Doktor A, who announced a wonderful steampunk style art toy, made us the pleasure to make a dueling pistol using the Tomenosuke Blaster Stunt Model Kit. This is a customization on an idea that is different from finishing the Blaster to make it look even more real. Please take a thorough look at it. It will be displayed at Tokyo Comic Con 2017.
Doktor Aの留ブラ決闘銃仕上げ_a0077842_09561023.jpg
Doktor Aの留ブラ決闘銃仕上げ_a0077842_09565211.jpg
All photos by artist.
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