A.I. 留子の作者をご紹介します
Regarding the creator of A.I. Tomeko

A.I. 留子の作者でKIKKAKE TOYを主宰する小瀧敦くんて、どういう人かっていうと。


A.I. 留子の作者をご紹介します_a0077842_09050210.jpg
I will quote certain parts from the self-introduction Atsushi Kotaki of KIKKAKE TOY sent to me in the past.

In the brochure I found in the city in 2009, I found out about world of sofubi, and being impacted and imitating it with clay, I entered this world. Originally, I was neither a collector nor mania fan, and I did not even know the word "sofubi". At that time, I thought that Sofubi = Kaiju, so my debut work piece was something like that, but as I found out about this world, beyond creatures and monsters, I thought about “expressing a toy” in a broader sense. Nonetheless, while “madness’ of “creatures” and “monsters” is a theme, it was possible to express “madness” without “pointed horns” and “sharp claws”, and more than that I think that “ordinary people are the scariest”. I would like to make a TOY with such atmosphere. Originally, as I am not a prototype expert, with no style or touch, I myself did not know what could be created. I like to create things seeing things that one has seen, but also has never seen before.

So, Tomeko is something that has been seen, but also never seen before. Balloon type dolls, which were called Antarctica No. 1 or a Dutch wife, was expressed by the inventory king, Kotaki, in the form of sofubi. It will be released this weekend.
Please wait for the next report.

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