Utomaru talks about "MIMI The Cannibal Girl"


I am so happy that I can finally announce the release of my very first Sofubi doll, “MIMI The Cannibal Girl”(Blood Red Edition). It’s an Utomaru and Tomenosuke store’s collaboration project. Yohei Kaneko (Mirock-toy) did the sculpture based on my drawing inspired by the movie, Cannibal Holocaust. I love 70s-80s Italian horror films very much but I have a special affection for Cannibal Holocaust. The name “MIMI” is an homage to Me Me Lay who starred in many Italian horror movies. (She was not in Cannibal Holocaust though.) I would like to express my love for her and her works.

Released on June 8th, 11am JST→https://goo.gl/4b1q7r

by tomenosuke_2006 | 2018-06-05 00:08 | 留之助オリジナルモチャ
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