本日受注開始の "おかしなおかしなファッティ" の詳細
Product details of the Fatty prop replica

レイテックスのコーティングの内側にウレタンフォームを流し込んで複製したのは、のちにILMに参加して『スター・ウォーズ エピソード1/ファントム・メナス』(1999年)のクリーチャー・ショップのクルーとなったマーク・シーゲル氏でした。

本日受注開始の \"おかしなおかしなファッティ\" の詳細_a0077842_20230803.jpg
This prop replica model, known to many as Fatty, is based on a reproduction made using an original plaster mold that was created under the supervision of model animator David Allen, who was also the visual effects supervisor of “Caveman” from the early 1980s.
Mark Seagal, who later joined ILM and became a crew member of a creature shop featuring “Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace,” (1999) had personally poured urethane foam into the latex coating to create the reproduction.
This vintage reproduction had begun deteriorating from its age to the point that it seemed uncertain whether it would continue standing for long. Upon seeing that, I approached my friend’s Higa Brothers Production, a model animator and a creature maker, to perform restoration works on the model. That was in 2010. A mold was first created by using plaster to capture the shape of the original model, which was in turn used to make a stunning backup model from fiberglass. This allayed any concerns that the original model would be damaged from further use.
That day, I knew that it would be a shame to leave the model lying there, and I began to think of ways to share the fiberglass reproductions with fans as well. I asked an agent of Tomenosuke Blaster “Blade Runner 2049” Edition to track down the license holder, but I was unable to find the licenser of Fatty.
According to the agent, as we have documented the full extent of our research, we would not be accused of unauthorized use, and any such claims can be dealt with accordingly. Still, I took that threat seriously and attempted to contact Jim Danforth, who was sculptor of Fatty, through an acquaintance of mine but I did not receive any reply. I have also asked Carl Gottlieb, the screenwriter and director of “Caveman,” about Fatty’s production on Facebook, but he could neither say “yes” nor “no.”
As such, I took my agent’s advice that there should be no problems with selling reproductions as long as the film’s title is not printed on the models, and thus I decided to start the limited production of Fatty. This is exactly the same situation with how we were unable to license items under “Blade Runner” (1982) due to the ambiguous ownership rights, and the products had to be released under the name “Tomenosuke-Blaster” instead.
本日受注開始の \"おかしなおかしなファッティ\" の詳細_a0077842_20250285.jpg
At this moment we intend to produce up to 12 units, but owing to concerns about the plaster mold's durability, orders may be discontinued without prior notice. The first 4 units will be shipped in early May, and the rest in early July.
You can take a look at the images here to learn more about the detailed background of how we arrived at the limited production of this prop replica model.

PRE-ORDER will start at 11:59 pm on April 7th (JST)→http://tomenosuke.bandec-japan.com/
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