Live painting mural performance by Sket-One

マイ・フェイバリット・アーティスト Sket-Oneに、東京コミコン2019でライブ・ペイント・パフォーマンスを披露してもらうため、ロングビーチにある彼のスタジオを訪ねたのは今年5月のことでした。

Video by Mikio Kuroki

Sket-One, thank you for your fantastic artwork. What you created at this Tokyo Comic Con will remain as a big and beautiful memory. Thank you, Ash and Mamoru, for volunteering to be interpreter and assistant, and spending more than 20 hours with Sket-One to finish it all. Mikio, your documentary video is just perfect! And thank you, Mr. Ochiai for your tremendous efforts in installing this huge canvas. And I deeply thank Mr. Oishi and Mr. Munegumi organizers and all the sponsors for giving us this wonderful opportunity.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2019-11-25 23:59 | 留之助イベント
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