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曲線と直線が複雑に結びついた線バネの "U" 字状の中心から、左右に弧を描きながら徐々に広がり、両端の手前でギュッと絞まる。
I have received several inquiries about the Tomenosuke Blaster OG commemorative replica holster introduced in my blog on January 10th, 2021, from both Japan and abroad. Most of them asked me if the replica holster could support the weight of the Tomenosuke Blaster, which is 1.4kg when loaded.
The answer is "Of course! If it can't hold it, what's the point of having a holster?"
The most difficult part of the development of the replica holster was the shape of the stainless steel wire spring. Using the steel wire spring of the Safariland shoulder holster #1001, which is said to be the prototype of the real prop, the craftsmen at the factory Iwatsu Mfg. Co., Ltd. of Higashi-Osaka first made a prototype copy in August last year.
After that, I asked them to modify the shape to perfectly fit the Tomenosuke Blaster, and after four prototypes, we were able to start mass production (that said, only 30).
From the center of the "U" shape of the wire spring, which is a complex combination of curved and straight lines, it gradually widens while drawing an arc to the left and right, and then squeezes tightly in front of the ends. As a result, the tip of the receiver is pinched from both sides, and while applying a slight amount of pressure, it passes through the magazine housing, grasps the recess at the tip of the bolt handle on the right side and the bottom of the cylinder cover on the left side, which makes the Blaster hold perfectly.
The shape of the top of the bolt handle on the right side, the Weaver scope knob, and the laser rod on the left side take a memory effect within the leather, making the Blaster even more secure. However, the bulge of the laser rod is hidden by the belt loop and cannot be seen from the outside.


While I'm on the subject of belt loops, I'd like to add a note about the belt slit on the left side of the holster. The narrow gap just below the stitching has been reproduced as shown in the prop. Why did they have to cut a hole in such a dangerous position, where it might damage the stitching or the holster itself? I assumed that during the shooting of the movie, the holster could not be held in the ideal position by the belt loops alone, so a hole was drilled and the belt was threaded through it to secure it at two points. It is recommended that you do not use the belt slit when wearing this replica holster to prevent damage.
The holster is designed so that it can be pulled in and out with a front break, but the strong wire spring will not allow this, so to protect the Blaster itself and the suede lining of the holster, the Blaster should be slipped under the top of the holster.

Finally, the Tomenosuke Blaster's must-have replica holster will be available for pre-order tomorrow (January 18th, 23:59). Don't miss out!

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