Liberty Tokyoが留ブラ・スタント・モデルに挑みます
Shun Shibuya of Liberty Tokyo visited Tomenosuke

ラフォーレ原宿にセレクト・ショップをオープンしたばかりの超多忙な時期だというのに、Liberty Tokyoの若き創業者にして銀鏡塗装アーティスト、Shun Shibuyaさんが下呂温泉の留之助商店を訪ねてくれました。
Liberty Tokyoが留ブラ・スタント・モデルに挑みます_a0077842_21222777.jpg
Despite being busy due to having just opening a specialty shop at Laforet Harajuku, Shun Shibuya of Liberty Tokyo's young founder and Gin-Kyo (silver-mirror) paint artist, chose this time to visit Tomenosuke. He visited me to hold meetings for several interesting collaboration ideas he had in mind. He is actually a fan of Western Vinyl, and it seems that the selection we had at Tomenosuke was just up his alley. He also made a bunch of purchases while visiting for work, and I am very thankful.
We decided that for our first collaboration work we will be producing a Gin-Kyo paint version of the Tomenosuke Blaster OG Stunt Model Kit.

Liberty Tokyoが留ブラ・スタント・モデルに挑みます_a0077842_21223065.jpg
The sketch above is dummy cartridge for display designed by Nobutaka Toku for reference when producing the dummy of the dummy cartridge. Cut off half of the brass rim of the dummy cartridge, and make a mold after connecting the five shots using the bottom sheets, so that if you look at it from the front it looks like five buckshots are lined up.
It took all we had to create five of the Tomenosuke Blaster Chrome editions, so we will have Shun work on the Gin-Kyo paint versions, and somehow produce ten of them to sell. Furthermore, because this is a special model, we need to consider what would be an appropriate display case for it. You can look forward to progress being made on this project.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2021-04-16 13:06 | 留之助ブラスター
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