Tomenosuke Blaster Nano For Sale.
Coming this Wednesday, June 24th at Noon JST, we're proud to release the 1/5 scale Tomenosuke Blaster which we call Tome-Bla nano.
Tome-Bla nano is precise miniature version of Tomenosuke Blaster. Same as Blaster, it’s a genuine Japanese product whose all processes of designing and manufacturing were done in Japan.
We first made a prototype of Tome-Bla nano whose scale is same to 1/6 scale action figure. But actually that was badly balanced for it was too small for the figure. So we made it a point to design it as 1/5 scale.
We produced a total of 600 Tome-Bla nanos, 400 of which were sold out within 36 hours after the release. This is the last chance to get Tome-Bla nano.
This time we prepare 100 assembled models and 100 kit models for you can enjoy customizing and painting. You can order up to 5 of each ones.
On the day click "English Order Form" on upper right in the Tomenosuke Blaster designated page or "English Order Form" for the item in a page of New in Stock to order after careful reading of the caption.
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by tomenosuke_2006 | 2009-06-22 20:40 | 留之助ブラスター
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