On sale in October 3rd Saturday midnight (JST).

I am honored to be able to introduce this wonderful vinyl figure for our shop Tomenosuke's the 3rd year anniversary.
Thinking back, when I visited NY a year ago, I met kaNO, an artist I love and respect, for the first time and was told about the idea for Hi-Def. I fell in love immediately with the unique, bold, and Sci-Fi-like design which any boys would be interested in.
I met the owner-creator of ToyQube, Keith Poon, the next day, and he told me about sales plan, etc., for Hi-Def in detail.
But at that time, there were no plans to create white colored one as the fourth Colorway, and I never imagined that it was going to be the exclusive toy of our shop for our the 3rd year anniversary.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation from my heart to kaNO and Keith for proposing a great idea this spring. I am very lucky and happy to have good friends.
We will accept your orders from overseas for White Hi-Def Tomenosuke Exclusive limited to only 50 pcs. This is on sale in coming October 3rd Saturday midnight (JST).
Place an order from here. → http://tomesyoten.exblog.jp/11258944/
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2009-10-01 23:54 | 留之助限定モチャ
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