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Artist bio sign / Brandt Peters

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Artist bio sign / Kathie Olivas

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A wooden work of Kevin Titzer's for Monsters & Misfits IV

Artist Bio
Kevin Titzer utilizes found and recycled materials in his art. Some times mistaken as ceramic because of the multi layered paint and varnished surfaces, his sculptures are primarily carved from wood. The themes in his work focus on a reoccurring cast of characters and a ongoing narrative of their many foibles. Kevin was born and raised in Evansville Indiana, although as of 2011, He has been based in the snowy hinterlands of Quebec.
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Teapot by Leslie Levings for Monsters & Misfits IV

Artist Bio
Leslie Levings explores natural history and world-building through her sculpted creatures and detailed scenes. Her work has been exhibited in galleries around the country, and this year marks the fourth installment of “Dubious Beasts,” the series of two-person exhibitions by Leslie and Shing Yin Khor. Leslie has also gained recognition as the creator of the Beastlies: an ongoing line of small but expressive monsters collected by fans around the world.
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Fourteen Finnedfiji Mermaid by Shing Yin Khor for Monsters & Misfits IV

Artist Bio
Shing Yin Khor is a sculptor, cartoonist, and installation artist, building universes and collections filled with awkward creatures and yearning people trapped in a world of bumbling science and heroic futility. Her themes are inspired by old museums, cabinets of curiosities, pre-Linnaean taxonomy, and the quiet horror of colonial era collecting. Born in Malacca, a port city of Malaysia – and raised between cultures on a diet of fantasy tropes and post-colonial detritus – Shing currently calls Los Angeles home.
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Sooterkin by Carisa Swenson for Monsters & Misfits IV

カリーサ・スウェンソンの好奇心溢れる作品作りへの情熱は、彼女が子どもの時に出会った神話やレイ・ハリーハウゼン作品への愛、ティーンのころのヘンソン・ワークショップへの感動、20代のころの巧妙新奇なヤン・シュヴァンクマイエルとブラザーズ・クエイの映画まで多くの源泉から湧き出しています。カリーサが世界的に著名な人形作家ウェンディ・フロウドに師事したとき、その最終的な型が形成されました。ポージングできる人形が彼女の永遠の魂となり、夜も眠れなくなるほどその情熱が彼女を突き動かし、それを鎮めるには唯一彼女の夢を縫い合わせ形にして現実化することだけでした。2006年から、カリーサの作品はSpectrum 17や19を含む数冊の本で特集され、アメリカはもちろん世界中で彼女の作品が展示されています。
Artist Bio
Carisa Swenson’s passion for creating curious creatures springs from many sources—a love of mythological tales and Ray Harryhausen’s creations when she was a child, an appreciative eye for Henson Workshop in her teens, to the weird and wonderful films of Jan Svankmajer and The Brothers Quay in her twenties. When Carisa studied with world-renowned doll artist Wendy Froud, the final die was cast: posable dolls would forever own her soul and trouble her nights, stirring her with a fervor that could only be quelled by stitching and sculpting her dreams into reality. Since 2006, Carisa’s work has been featured in several publications, including Spectrum 17 and 19, and exhibits her dolls throughout the United States as well as internationally.
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Turtlebum by Chris Ryniak for Monsters & Misfits IV

大きいものから小さなものまであらゆる種類の創造物の造形と絵を、彼は世界中のギャラリーや美術館で展示してきました。彼の作品は、アメリカはもちろんヨーロッパやアジアの多くの本や雑誌でも紹介されています。クリスは多くのおもちゃのデザイナーと造形家で、デザイナーアート版のおもちゃとフィギュアはたちまち売り切れてしまいます。毎日モンスターを描いた「Morning Scribbles (朝の落書き)」というタイトルの一連のプロジェクトでも有名で、その中で彼は800以上のオリジナル作品を創作公開しています。
Artist Bio
Chris Ryniak is an American artist born in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. He spent his childhood basking in the warm glow of Saturday morning cartoons and flipping over rocks in search of insects, reptiles and ghosts.
A sculptor and painter of all manner of creatures both large and small, he has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world. His work has also been published in numerous books and periodicals in the US as well as in Europe and Asia. Chris is a toy-designer and sculptor of numerous instantly sold-out editions of designer art toys and figures. He is also well-known for his series of daily monster drawing project entitled ” Morning Scribbles” in which he has created and shared over 800 original creatures.
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Amanda Louise Spayd' mixed-media work for Monsters & Misfits IV

下の画像の怪物のような不適応者のようなヌイグルミは、 2016-02-15のブログでご覧いただいたアマンダ・ルイーズ・スペイド作品の完成図である。
Artist Bio
Amanda Louise Spayd's mixed-media work combines the textures and colors of antique domestic objects, the natural world, and an obsessive attention to detail. Her aesthetic is influenced by her love of antiques and textiles, as well as a deep nostalgia for the innocent curiosity and emotional attachments of childhood. Creating objects that evoke strong emotions - pity, love, or a feeling of protection over them - is at the core of what inspires her artistically. She has been published internationally, and is highly sought after by collectors around the globe, as well as having recently entered the toy market with both Japanese sofubi and vinyl blindbox toys, as well as cast-resin collectible figures.
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Warrior and dog by Andrew Bell for Monsters & Misfits IV

アンドリューは旅行や夢、ブルックリンにある彼の家の周りの多様な生き物からインスピレーションを得ています。この15年で、彼のイラスト集「Creatures in my Head (頭の中の生き物たち)」を基にした本を数冊出版しています。また彼の会社Dead Zebra Incを通して何百部の本、おもちゃや商品を発売しています。彼の作品は世界中のギャラリーショーなどで取り上げられてきました。
Artist Bio
Andrew Bell enjoys working in a variety of mediums, from illustrations and paintings to toys and sculptures. His expressive characters embody a complex set of emotions, lending them a real sense of life and hinting at a deeper narrative. It is tied together by a sense of humor that often belies a more serious and somber message.
Andrew draws inspiration from his travels, his dreams, and the diversity of life surrounding him in his home of Brooklyn, New York . Over the last 15 years he has published several books based on his “Creatures in my Head” series of illustrations and has released hundreds of prints, toys and products through his company Dead Zebra Inc. His work has been featured in gallery shows and publications around the world.
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Amazing and elaborate creatures for Monsters & Misfits IV by Stan Manoukian

MMIIIにユニークな怪物作品を送ってくれたフランスのクリーチャー・メーカー スタン・マヌキアンが、今回は大作をひっさげ来日する。
1969年、フランスのパリに生まれたイラストレーターのスタン・マヌキアンは、長年フランスとアメリカのコミック出版界で過ごしたほか、映画やコマーシャルのデザイナーとして、またストーリーボーダーとして働いた。古いSF、昔のモンスター、エドガー・ランポー、ラブクラフト、メアリー・シェリー、ジュール・ヴェルヌやH・G・ウェルズのロマンチックな物語は、彼の子ども心に奇妙な生き物を描くことを促した。宇宙の生物とクトゥルフの子どもをミックスしたような。2006年にスタンは生き物の世界を創造するトレーニングに、ア・モンスター・ア・デイ(A Monster A Day=1日1匹の怪物)を描き始め、そのプロジェクトはますます大きくなった。古書、辞書、古い版板の影響を受け、彼の父親の情熱的な後押しもあり、古い百科事典の方法で生き物を表現している。インデックス順に記述する方法である。未知の動物学者が新しい宇宙を見つけるように、自然の環境で生き物を表現し、おたがいの交流を描いている。
Artist Bio
Born in 1969, in Paris, France, Stan Manoukian is an illustrator who has spent many years working in the comic book industry in France and the U.S, as well as a designer and storyboarder for movies and commercials. Vintage science fiction, classic monsters, and the romantic writings of Edgar Poe, Lovecraft, Mary Shelley, Jules Verne and Wells filled his childhood and inspired him to spend his time drawing strange creatures - the mixed result of aliens from outer space and Cthulhu's children. In 2006 Stan started to draw "A Monster A Day" as an exercise to develop the world of his creations, and the project grew bigger and bigger. Influenced by old books, dictionaries, antique engraved plates and paintings discovered through his father's passion, he represents his creatures in the manner of old encyclopedias - by indexing and describing them. Like a cryptozoologist discovering a new universe, he represents them in their natural environment and describes their interactions among one another.
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