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Toy BreakのAyleen宛にT+CPソフビの新しいところ3点を送ったのは3月だったっけ、何も言ってこないし、ましてや番組で紹介されるわけでもなく「???」の日々だった、のだけれど、やっとここに来てレビューと相成った、よろしい。

6.19.13 - Episode 265 : New Directions

I suppose it was back in March this year when I sent three of new T+CP Sofubi to Toy Break. They at last have come to make its review after my long wait. A guest of this time is J*RYU, who is designer and sculptor of the east coast and provides us his latest work soon. J*RYU will deliver his enthusiastic message to us about toy biz, in the first 50 minutes in the show. The show is 73 minutes long and after his session, at about 52 minutes from the opening, our Sofubi will be introduced. You ought to see them!

Tomenosuke + CP is a Japanese toy partnership between Tomenosuke-syoten (Japan) and Circus Posterus (US). If you would like to purchase a Sofubi toy figure, please note that all INTERNATIONAL buyers or purchasers must go through Tomenosuke-syoten website or store and all NORTH AMERICAN (United States and Canada) buyers and purchasers must go through Circus Posterus.com.
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気がついたら4回も見落としていた週刊モチャ・ニュースToy Breakなのだった。

6.4.13 - Episode 263 : Flava In Your Ear!

Toy Break is back for Episode 263: Flava In Your Ear! This week, kaNO crashes the couch with his Bodegas, Brobo, 8-Ball, and much more.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2013-06-09 21:15 | TV・映画・ビデオ

4.23.13 - Episode 258 : This Belongs In A Museum!

Ayleen and George are joined on the Toy Break couch by Ahren, who helps them recap Monsterpalooza. Episode 258: This Belongs In A Museum! takes a closer look at DigesTED, Michonne, and much more.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2013-04-28 15:55 | TV・映画・ビデオ
世界一のオブジェモチャ・ディストリビューターDKE Toysの社長夫人Sarah Joをゲストに迎え、出来立てのブロンズ製エルビス・デッド・バスト(正式名称The King is Dead Bronze)を皮切りに、今週も面白いところを30分間、よどみなく紹介してくれる。

4.16.13 - Episode 257 : For Reals

Toy Break returns with Episode 257: For Reals. Sarah Jo joins George and Ayleen to take a closer look at Gravescabs, Sea-Borgs, Wumplings, and much more.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2013-04-21 22:21 | TV・映画・ビデオ
週刊オブジェモチャ・ネット・ショーToy Breakって、番組の冒頭で出演者がスポンサーの名前を読み上げることになっている。
今回なんかセミレギュラー出演者の3D (Ben) Retro氏が、発音できるならしてみろ的な不敵な笑みを浮かべて「ヘッヘッヘッ〜」とか言うのだった。

4.3.13 - Episode 255 : Lemme Smell!

This episode features a closer look at the Outer Space Men, Prometheus action figures, a deluxe Despicable Me Minion, and much more.
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ゲストは留之助ではまだ取扱いのないメーカーSquid Kids InkのデザイナーNate Mitchell(ネイト・マイケル)とLinda Panda(リンダ・パンダ)。
見ものは4月6日にロンドンのクィーンズ・ゲートにあるホステル、ベーデン・パウエル・ハウスで開催されるオブジェモチャの祭典ToyCon UK関連の品々だろう。

3.26.13 - Episode 254 : The N Word

Nate Mitchell and Linda Panda from Squid Kids Ink join Ayleen and George for this week's Toy Break. In Episode 254: The N Word, the quartet takes a closer look at 10-Dohs, TMNT Pizza Box Playset, Fugi.me ToyCon UK goodies, and much more.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2013-03-29 19:52 | TV・映画・ビデオ
ルーク・スカイウォーカーの息子にしてオブジェモチャ・アーティストNathan Hamil(ネイザン・ハミル)を迎えて新作モチャをイジリ倒す。

3.19.13 - Episode 253 : Play With Your Toys!

Nathan Hamil brings his Django Unchained figures as well as Can of Worms, Flat Wooper Plush, and much more! Indulge in some fried pickles and join us for a Toy Break!
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2013-03-20 20:03 | TV・映画・ビデオ

2.12.13 - Episode 252: Benzilla!

Ben returns to the Toy Break couch to share his Japanese toy finds with George and Ayleen. So tune in to Episode 252: Benzilla!
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アメリカイチのオブジェモチャ・ディストリビューターDKEのオーナー夫人Sarah Jo(サラ・ジョー)をゲストに迎え、新作モチャを片っ端から紹介していくハイテンションな回なのだ。

2.26.13 - Episode 251 : Suitable For Having

Sarah Jo joins Ayleen and George for another episode of Toy Break. This week, Episode 251: Suitable For Having shows off some DKE goodies including Power Mazinger-Z, Jaguar Knight, Temper Tot, and much more.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2013-02-27 23:26 | TV・映画・ビデオ

2.12.13 - Episode 250: Warped And Wobbly

Ben rejoins Ayleen and George for Toy Break Episode 250. Warped and Wobbly takes a closer look at Mechawhale, Meltdown Dunny, Star Wars Muppets, and much more.
by tomenosuke_2006 | 2013-02-21 14:00 | TV・映画・ビデオ